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Welcome to the Fineberg way of approaching your financial well-being. We are built on a passion to help you live the life you want. How you ask? By closely examining and connecting all the dots that make up your world and how you wish to live in it.

We examine your big picture and break it all down by your financials, assets, liabilities and risks. It is with this approach we can best design a financial road map to fit and keep you in the driver’s seat, helping pursue your goals.

Intentionally designed as a boutique firm we tailor our services to you. It’s a relationship of trust, advice, support and management through all of life’s moments…big, small, expected and the unexpected. We best serve those who desire to be treated as family.

Our role is to preserve your wealth and grow it.

How can we help you?

Individual / Family Planning

Individual / Family Planning

 Business / Enterprise Planning

 Business / Enterprise Planning

Money plays a huge role in our lives. It impacts our quality of living, education, career, family life, goals, experiences, retirement, and legacy.

The more you talk about money with an informed and holistic team, the more you can open the doors to financial freedom as defined by you. At Fineberg Financial Management we believe in candid and detailed conversations surrounding your financial picture.

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Your assets and finances are an ecosystem.

As a full service firm we can support you in a variety of areas.

Financial Planning Individuals

Construct a full plan to your goals designed to help you peruse your objectives.

Financial Planning Business Owners

Construct a full plan that aligns with the complexities that come with owning, building and balancing personal life as an entrepreneur.


Short, mid and long term growth. All requires experience, patience and solid strategies.

Retirement Planning

Review and manage your assets, helping you to reach financial security in your retirement.


Protect what you have built. Review and advise the right policies for your situation.

College Planning

Rising costs in education demand solid planning for one of life’s biggest investments.

Group Benefits Advisement

Group Benefits Advisement
Grow your team and your business
with group benefits.

Estate Planning Guidance

Plan and anticipate for the transition and disbursement of your wealth and assets.

Tax planning

Tax planning should be an essential part of an individual investor’s financial plan.

Helpful Content

Curated articles, videos, and more, for a financially savvier you.

Understanding Equity Compensation

Understanding Equity Compensation

Net Unrealized Appreciation and how it affects tax responsibilities.
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Four Reasons Millennials Need an Estate Strategy

Four Reasons Millennials Need an Estate Strategy

Estate strategies for millennials may sound like less of a concern than retirement, but young adults should prepare now.
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What Can You Buy With 529 Distributions?

What Can You Buy With 529 Distributions?

This article can be a helpful guide when begin preparing for education expenses.
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Listening and thinking differently is in our DNA.
Fineberg Financial Management

We listen, push boundaries, reject the status quo, and relentlessly pursue transformative outcomes to stay ahead of your expectations to help achieve your goals.

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